Real Housewives of Atlanta: Reunion / Part 2

And so The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion concluded tonight on Bravo, and was saturated with drama. The first thing that caught my attention was Nene Leakes claiming total ignorance over Sheree Whitfield’s Dancing Stars of Atlanta appearance actually being for charity … right Nene, big charity events aren’t publicized so you have no clue before the fact and oh, it’s probably not even announced at any point from during the evening! Also covered in tonight’s broadcast were Sheree’s recent financial troubles, apparently she owed her lawyer over $80,000, so her car was repossessed to cover the difference. She rebutted a concerned fan’s question of whether she’ll continue to spend lavishly with a “I’ll continue to make any large purchases I want”.  Fan 0, Sheree 1.

The discussion moved to the relevance of single “housewives” on the show, Kandi Burruss in particular, who tearfully explained the lack of a man in her daughter’s life. Apparently she has a “deeper connection” to Kim Zolciak than meets the eye, both sharing MIA baby daddies. But Kim burst into tears while explaining the publishing / producing disagreement with Kandi over Tardy for the Party. Kim claims it all began with her lawyer counseling her on the apparently excessive amount she was paying out to Kandi … so two years later and I guess his word is law.

Phaedra Parks finally addressed the due date mishmash! Kind of … she explained that her pregnancy was unhealthy at times and so she didn’t really know if she was going to carry the baby to term or not, this paired with her distrust of the other housewives prompted her elusive nature on the subject (really Phaedra?). Another issue she challenged was her relationship with husband Apollo, who was only incarcerated for racketeering which is a ‘white collar crime’ (she pronounced almost … gleefully?).

Other tidbits along the way? Phaedra on Kim, “She is not a vocalist. She’s got curb appeal”. I’m in total agreement, though I do love Kim, Avidly! Moving along … Cynthia Bailey quite amiably moved the discussion along in a few instances of … can you say awkward … though the tide of discussion didn’t really cater to her, at all, tonight.

The show capped off with what the ladies are up to now, of course. Sheree is revamping her She by Sheree line (I cannot WAIT to see what she cooks up this time, maybe instead of a literal copy of last year’s line, she’ll go waaaay back and take from … say, 1987, everything old is new again right?). Phaedra is purchasing a funeral home. Yup, a funeral home. I guess being an entertainment lawyer in this tough economy is just not … successful. Kandi is coming out with a line of sex toys. Cynthia is opening a modeling school, when really what she should do is work with Hallmark on a line of friend contracts, Just sayin’. Kim’s wig line is once again, finally on its way to distribution for mass consumption. Oh and her baby (with footballer Kroy Biermann) should be out in about four months time. Nene is set to appear (along with her new nemesis Star Jones) on the upcoming season Celebrity Apprentice, boy they’re getting desperate!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season Three - Reunion