rehab for angelina jolie?!?

hey kids! below i’ve got the latest cover of STAR magazine which has hopped right back on the ‘brangelina’ train (this week jennifer aniston gets a rest from having real estate on the cover) supposedly brad pitt is concerned over angelina jolie‘s dwindling weight ‘begging’ her to get help – the magazine suggests a possible stint in rehab could be in the works! of course we’ve all seen skinny pictures of ms. jolie but i think this whole story is getting blown way out of proportion – she hasn’t reached that super scary skinny look that nicole richie was rockin’ for a while (speaking of ms. richie – she really is four months pregnant – nicole confirmed the good news with diane sawyer in an interview that will air this thursday & friday during ‘good morning america’) plus angelina has endured a lot of stress over the past few months following the death of her mother – the magazine needs to just give the lady and her family a break (but we all know anything to do with these two will most likely sell…people eat this stuff up)

over on the side panel we’ve got the secret affair that destroyed lindsay lohan‘s life (i guess they’re referring to her sordid affair with drugs & alcohol?) below ms. lohan there’s britney spears who could end up fighting for her kids – i wouldn’t be surprised at all if in the end her two boys ended up staying with their dad kevin federline…and last but not least – will nicole richie end up marrying joel madden before she goes to jail and/or before their bundle of joy arrives by the stork express? i do think she’ll make a cool mom but i don’t see her staying with mr. madden for a longtime…just my prediction! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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