Rest in Peace: Director Tony Scott

Tony Scott

Sad news, everyone: Tony Scott, the director of Top Gun, Man on Fire, and Unstoppable committed suicide yesterday by jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles at the age of 68. Even worse, it turns out that he had inoperable brain cancer. ABC News reports …

Tony Scott, director of Top Gun, Days of Thunder and Crimson Tide, had inoperable brain cancer, a source close to him told ABC News. The famed director died Sunday after jumping from a bridge in Los Angeles, authorities said. Police said they received a 911 call at about 12:30 p.m. that an individual had jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge. The body was recovered around 3 p.m., when it was identified by authorities as Scott, according to Lt. Joseph Bale of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed today.

It’s a terrible loss, no matter how you go about it, but … I don’t know, part of me feels like he was going to die regardless, so it’s probably for the best that he ended things on his own terms rather than allow the cancer to spread knowing he couldn’t fight it. Honestly, there’s no real win in that situation. Rest in peace, Tony Scott.

Tony Scott

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