Review: Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice is a movie that, quite frankly, you will never see. That being said, it’s actually not a horrible movie! If you want to go for a fun albeit predictable ride, this is your movie.

In Seeking Justice, Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) has to make a choice when his wife, Laura (January Jones) is raped and burglarized. A mysterious all-knowing man named Simon (Guy Pearce) appears in the waiting room and offers Will a deal. He will “take care of” the man who assaulted Laura but Will, in return, will owe him a favor. Does Will agree to be indebted to Simon in exchange for revenge and peace of mind? Of course, he does.

Working in its favor, Seeking Justice is fast-paced and action-packed. The movie wastes no time leaping out the gate. It’s not really hard to follow while using a post-Katrina New Orleans itself as an interesting supporting character. Nicolas Cage is even tolerable playing the on-the-run husband. Cage has spent the last decade taking any critical clout he acquired in Adaptation and throwing it in the toilet. His name sometimes still manages to sell but the quality is questionable at best.

This brings us to January Jones. Where does one even begin with this dry fish? It is bewildering that this woman gets work. Not only is she completely bland and actually quite draining to watch, but she is also a horrible actress. In every scene that she is a part of, the audience cannot identify with her because she is completely devoid of emotion. There is nothing captivating about her presence. It’s sad because she pretty. January Jones is that salad you make yourself with delicious components you love but for some reason it just sucks. She just infuriates me.

Finally, one must never forget Guy Pearce. Those eyes are delicious and piercing – get it? Not to mention, he’s great as the villain here. The only problem is you sort of root for him a little bit just because you want to make out.

Will Seeking Justice change your life? No. Will it be nominated for any awards? Not likely. Will it convince America that January Jones is horribly uncharismatic and virtually flaccid? Unfortunately no. Will you have fun? Yes. (Seeking Justice is in theaters Friday, March 16th)

This action-packed thriller stars Nicolas Cage as Will Gerard, a happily married family man whose quiet life is turned upside-down when his wife, Laura (January Jones), is brutally attacked one night while leaving work.

At the hospital, waiting for news about his wife’s condition, Will is approached by Simon, (Guy Pearce) who proposes an intriguing offer: Simon will arrange to have a complete stranger exact vengeance on Laura’s attacker, in exchange for a favor from Will in the near future. Distraught and grief-stricken, Will consents to the deal, unwittingly pulling himself into a dangerous underground vigilante operation. While continuing to protect his wife from the truth, he quickly discovers that his quest for justice could lead to frightening and deadly consequences.

Directed by Roger Donaldson (The Bank Job, The Recruit), with story by Robert Tannen and Todd Hickey and screenplay by Robert Tannen, Seeking Justice also stars Harold Perrineau (ABC’s “Lost”, upcoming Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story) and Jennifer Carpenter (Showtime’s “Dexter,” Quarantine).

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