Ricky Martin might guest star on ‘Glee’

Ricky Martin

Remember how back before the third season of Glee started, it was announced that they would start going easier on the amount of guest stars on the show? About that … Ricky Martin is in talks to make a guest appearance as a Spanish teacher, which would probably be for the best because Mr. Shue is just the worst. Replace him with Ricky. The show can only go up from here. The Huffington Post reports:

According to TVLine, star singer Ricky Martin is in talks to join Glee in a guest role as a Spanish teacher. The episode, the site reports, will feature musical numbers and air in late January. Martin, of course, is well known for his massive pop hits, but he has done a bit of acting in his past. Believe it or not, he appeared in an episode of The Love Boat in 1985, and in addition to starring in a number of Spanish-language shows, he also appeared on soap opera General Hospital in 1994-95.

No, seriously, what the hell happened to the show? Has anyone else noticed that everyone on the show is basically just THE WORST now? Finn’s a patronizing asshole, Rachel’s a single-minded narcissist, Quinn is going full-blown Single White Female, and everyone else has just sort of stopped being an actual character. Even Puck’s mohawk looks completely off! Have you noticed that so far, all of Tina’s solos have ended with her crying, and then being taken over by someone else? Every time Ryan Murphy puts a pen to paper, an English major puts their head in the oven. Save this show, Ricky!

Ricky Martin

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