Rihanna’s photos were ‘inappropriate’ for a mosque



So apparently, Rihanna is in Abu Dhabi right now, and she tried wearing this into a mosque only to be kicked out. To be honest, I’m a little torn as to who’s right and/or wrong on this one, mostly because I have no idea how things work over there and I’m not about spend the day debating whether a head-to-toe bodysuit is modest enough for the middle-east. So let’s just cut the baby in half by saying she really does look stunning, but … who knows? Let’s all just look at the pretty lady and think about how hot she is/how much I want to steal what she’s wearing for myself.

Authorities asked Rihanna to leave the site of a mosque in Abu Dhabi after she posted photographs of herself posing in areas of the mosque that are off-limit to visitors on Saturday. The Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center issued a statement on Sunday saying that while it’s open to visitors of all faiths and allows pictures, the superstar’s photos were inappropriate, violated the “sanctity” of the mosque and disrespected the religious nature of the location. SOURCE


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