rihanna vs nelly vs janis vs ozzy

good morning everybody! below is the latest weekly mashup from our pal DJ paul v. – i love rihanna‘s S.O.S but her latest single unfaithful drives me freakin’ batty! she needs to stick with the more upbeat songs and stop being a ‘murderer’ – gosh that song is terrible! anyways ms. rihanna gets mashed up with a bunch of other hot peeps – have a listen below! rock & blog on – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS i am going to a screening tonight of a much hyped flick coming out very soon…i’m super excited and will be writing it up after…stay tuned!


Our mash mixer this week never disappoints, and this is no exception. San Fran fave DJ Earworm puts his keen, all-over-the-map, taste to the test here with subtle precision. Here we have the red hot Rihanna, half-tempoed over the “Grillz” beat from Nelly, a snatch of Janis Joplin guitar, a bit of Ozzy Osbourne from “Crazy Train,” and even a little acoustic strumming from Oasis. This might seem busier than a hornet’s nest, but it’s just the opposite – it’s sexy, sweet, ‘n shmooov!

– DJ Paul V.

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