R.I.P. ODB + house on fox

oh kids its been too long! yesterday popbytes took it easy – and watched those AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS – and gwen was a bit off – altho i loved her outfit – i think the queen dame of the night was ms. alicia keys and congrats to ultra hottie – usher…

but most messy goes to – well of course trimspa baby – aka anna nicole smith – she had one too many cocktails – and who knows what ‘trimspa’ does in combo with alcohol (and then mix in a healthy dose of anna nicole herself!) – oh shes so wild! i love her!

here is a video clip that has been requested by a few popbytes faithfuls of her antics on sunday night

anna’s ‘episode’ featured on ifilm

but can someone – anyone – tell me how long that gal’s contract with trimspa is – it seems like it may go forever (ie some deal with the devil!) – ‘anna – you must now promote trimspa for the rest of your natural life {evil laugh + brimstone & fire accompanying} ‘…


For these doctors, disease isn’t an illness. It’s a crime waiting to be solved.
From Bryan Singer – director of ‘X-Men’ and ‘Usual Suspects.’ HOUSE is a new take on mystery, where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients.

of course i have seen a million promos for this – so me thinks popbytes will give it a one episode try!

rebel billionaire

dont forget to watch week 2 – altho ratings were low – you must tune in! some of these stunts make fear factor look like mere child’s play – and branson is so suave and charming! and they are going in a metal capsule over victoria’s falls in africa! whats not to love??? so tune in my pop children!


at only 35 – this crazy bad ass rapper passed away after complaining of chest pains – by the time the ambulance arrived he was gone – he did some great work – two of my favorites ‘got yr money’ featuring kelis – and he was also on mariah carey’s ‘fantasy’ – he will be surely missed! and im sure some material will be released – as he was working on stuff – some of these rappers do better dead than alive – so we shall see – so rest in peace ODB

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