Rob Lowe & Rashida Jones: Leaving ‘Parks and Recreation’

Rob Lowe & Rashida Jones

Rob Lowe & Rashida Jones

In the saddest news of the day, Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe will be leaving NBC’s Parks and Recreation this season. So I’m going to assume that Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins will be running off together into the night to finally have their baby. The A/V Club reports …

Just as the next season of Parks And Recreation was looking to be all sunshine and abs, Buzzfeed dropped the news (confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter) that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe will be leaving the show this season, likely during the 13th episode timed for February sweeps. Official explanations for their departure haven’t yet been given, though both actors are obviously busy these days. Jones has a development deal with Warner Bros. Television, while Lowe has a starring role in National Geographic’s Killing Kennedy, and will surely remain in demand so long as there are murderers who need people to play them in miniseries.

I know that Ann and Chris didn’t exactly get the best of Parks and Recreations‘ storylines, but I still really loved them as characters. Honestly, I’ve always had an affinity for Ann as a character because she in particular seemed to be the most true to life character there, while Chris was just hot as hell and his over-reliance on the word “literally” was fun. Sure, their plotlines may not have been the highlight of the show, but I’m still going to miss the hell out of them.

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