Rob Kardashian doesn’t want to practice dancing!

Rob Kardashian

So when the initial cast list for Dancing with the Stars was first announced, I initially pegged Nancy Grace as the show’s token bitch with Kristin Cavallari a close second because every time they show up on TV as themselves, they always come across as insane assholes. Well it turns out I might have been wrong: the token bitch is actually Rob Kardashian. The show hasn’t even started airing yet and already TMZ is reporting that Rob has pissed off his dance partner, Cheryl Burke, talked trash to his sister Kim Kardashian, and is refusing to do any actual work. Yup, that sounds like a Kardashian.

Sources close to the show tell us Rob is very nervous and has refused to rehearse longer than 2 hours with Cheryl Burke — while most of the contestants are logging more than 5 hour practices. We’re told Cheryl is “fed up” with what she perceives to be Rob’s lack of interest in the show. But Rob is still talking a big game … because we’re told he’s bragging constantly to big sis Kim that he will top her DWTS performance by making it past week 3.

First off: Seriously? Kim only made it to week three? HA! She really is talentless. Awesome. Anyway, looking back on it now, I knew a Kardashian would be the most unlikable part of the show because the Kardashians are unlikable in pretty much anything they show up in. Hell, remember when they were spoofed on South Park? I nearly threw a boot at my TV, and that was when they were appearing as satirized versions of themselves. That’s just how absolutely terrible the Kardashian Klan is.

Rob Kardashian

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