I want Robert Downey Jr.’s nuts!

And by nuts I mean peanuts. I’m sure your minds must be lovely and warm down in the gutter, but when I said “Robert Downey Jr.‘s nuts”, I meant his peanuts, because he is now the voice of Mr. Peanut, the Planter’s Peanuts mascot. Yeah, he’s making a comeback now, as the Peanut with the voice so smooth and dreamy that you will probably get pregnant if you watch the TV spot below. Consider that a warning!

Not that I don’t love the sound of RDJ’s dulcet tones gently tonguing my cochlea (teeheehee), but really? He went with Mr. Peanut? Well, alright, whatever floats his boat. And now that Mr. Peanut has a small part of RDJ coming out of his mouth (once again, teeheehee), I’m sorry to report that the peanut from Clone High is now only second on my list of The Best Anthropomorphic Peanuts of All-Time. It’s okay, Talking Peanut, we still love you!

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