Robert Pattinson

Wait, do teenagers still care about Twilight, or has magical Canadian Jesus lesbian usurped its place in their hearts? Well, whatever. Point is, Robert Pattinson has committed the ultimate treason for teen idols by cutting his hair so that he doesn’t look like a lady gym teacher. Man, if this was a year ago, the internet would have just fucking EXPLODED.

Like a modern day Samson, Robert Pattinson risked losing his power and has chopped off his signature Edward Cullen messy long locks. The freshly sheared 25-year-old hung out on the set of his latest non Twilight film in Toronto earlier this morning. Those sounds you hear are the screams and cries of millions of Team Edward fans. SOURCE

Well, on the plus side, he looks much better without the greasy strands he calls hair, and I’m a sucker for the crewcut look that every space marine in video games seems to be sporting today. That being said, he still has those weird sunken eyes and he does still make terrible movies so … meh, still a step in the right direction.

Robert Pattinson


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