rollergirls! who can wait?!?

i can’t wait for this show to premiere on monday night – rollergirls has been so heavily hyped on A&E – it looks very decent and since it has been such slim ass pickings on the TV as of late (i’m feeling slightly desperate!) – this looks like a fun reality show detour for the moment (no worries – january will be heating up on the TV as we all roll on into february sweeps…) now i love to rollerskate but if i were to get in a roller derby – i would be out within 30 seconds if not sooner with a broken arm or leg – i am such a fucking klutz – i have never even gone skiing in all my life – i would love to try it but i know i would break my leg – so i don’t know how these ladies get all crazy & vicious on the rink while balancing all the drama they have going on in their lives – hence a reality show…so make sure to tune in plus A&E always adds a dollop o’ class to each of their shows – so i think it could be hot! popbytes over & out! xxoo

PS gosh i can’t believe it’s 2006!?! i turn 30 in like 2 weeks! are we having fun yet?

Step inside the fast-paced, dangerous world of roller derby. Traveling around the banked track at breakneck speed, the women of Rollergirls™ do whatever they can to help their team win and to sideline their opponents. One false move-a slip, a trip, or a push-can lead to a penalty or a painful injury. This is a sport in which bones can easily be broken.

Lux, Sister Mary Jane, Punky Bruiser, Miss Conduct, Venis Envy, Cha Cha, and the rest of the Rollergirls put their all into each bout and sometimes don’t let little things like the rules get in the way of their quest for victory. In each episode, these feisty, independent women show the world that they know how to play hard.

For all of their rough play and tough talk, these women lead very different lives out of the rink. One is a maternity nurse. Another is a special education teacher. Several work as waitresses. So what brings them all to the rink? For these women, putting on the skates offers them a boost in confidence, a source of excitement, and a chance for adventure.

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