Rosario Dawson’s misty vagina and penis slide?!

As we all know, hippies say the most delightfully fucked up things because weed makes our brains happy (isn’t that right, James Jamesson?) And Rosario Dawson is no exception. This year, Rosario is attending Burning Man and has decided to make a giant walk-in vagina that sprays people with delightful mist. Awwww, this is gonna be so awkward: Paris Hilton is doing the exact same thing! Only, you know, hers will be attached to her. And it will kill everything in its path!

The actress will be attending the desert event for a fifth time – and this year she has been inspired to become one of the artists. She explains, “This year’s theme is rite of passage and it’s the first time I’m inspired to, like, make a tent or do something. I’m gonna make a big misting vagina and that will keep you cool. You just walk through this vagina … and rose water is going to mist you. I’m thinking of doing a penis slide … and then you’re in the vagina and then you walk out glistening.” SOURCE

Wait, mist vaginas? Penis slides? Oh my god … Rosario stole my outline for Sex Flags, the world’s first adult theme park! Dammit to hell! Fine, as long as you don’t steal the spinning D-Cups or Space Mountin’, the roller coaster where you bang an astronaut the entire time. I’m still working out the kinks in that one …

Rosario Dawson

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