Rose McGowan’s droopy eye problem …

oh rose mcgowan – she has been the talk of a lot of rumors as of late (mainly that she has some sorta drug problem with cocaine) well this week’s STAR magazine points out her new droopy eye…everything looked fine a few months ago but now her eye looks a little wonky (and quite bloodshot) i’ve always been a fan of ms. mcgowan’s (jawbreaker rules) and hopefully she can get her act (and eye!) together in time to promote her upcoming film grindhouse (the splatter filled double feature with parts directed by quentin tarantino & robert rodriguez) maybe marilyn manson should dump that evan rachel wood chick and think about getting back together with ms. mcgowan – they were a great & spooky couple! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

what gives? dr. anthony griffin, an l.a. plastic surgeon who does not treat rose, 33, tells star: “it could be the result of bad surgery or complications from surgery. her [under-eye area] looked normal last year.” if it was a botched job, he says, “she may be in need of emergency surgery” to correct the sagging. and some sleep, too!

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