rosie & her gay family cruises!

hey kids – it’s already the middle of hump day! so tomorrow night HBO is premiering a new documentary called all aboard! rosie’s family cruise and tells the true-life story on how rosie o’donnell along with her partner kelli came up with a safe haven vacation idea (a cruise ship!) for ‘non-traditional’ families – at first i thought this movie would be horribly kinda cheesy but after watching the trailer – i certainly do intend to tune in – it looks really interesting plus i think it raises important issues and is a story that should be told! although i am deathly afraid of cruise ships and will never board one…major props & kudos to rosie & kelli for taking a stand & doing such important work to raise the awareness that a family is a family…no matter the set-up! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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What is a family? Is it something defined by law, by tradition, or by love? For the growing numbers of gay and lesbian families in America, the answer is most definitely love – but too often, parents and children in such families are stigmatized, unable to participate in many of the simple, public joys that most families take for granted.

For years, Rosie and Kelli O’Donnell, parents of four, dreamed of a society free of such discrimination. In 2004, they made that dream come true when 1,500 people – gay, lesbian and straight – set sail on a seven-day cruise to the Caribbean. With a bold stroke only Rosie O’Donnell could make, a joyous new community was born in this judgment-free setting, as passengers celebrated their freedom and made a positive, progressive statement about what “family” means today…READ MORE

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