run & hide – it’s ashlee simpson!

oh i knew it! someone else is looking to hook up with the new hollywood triumverate that includes paris hilton, britney spears, and sometimes lindsay lohan – yes it’s jessica’s little sister ashlee simpson who i would imagine is the type of person you might play hide & seek with but she’d be the one who hides and then you’d forget to go & find her! this week STAR magazine claims that ms. simpson emailed paris to hang out – paris said they’d call her and while ashlee staked out the phone – alas it never rang! yet it isn’t ms. hilton that is vetoing her admittance to their little club – it’s actually ms. spears!

“she and paris make jokes about ashlee lip-syncing,” the source says. “britney just can’t take her seriously!” but ash isn’t giving up. “ashlee’s at home bored,” the source says. “she saw all the publicity – she wants in!”

even though i recently gave jessica a break – there’s no such luck for plastic surgery fiend ashlee – sitting at home bored – ha! she’ll probably need to start her own club – maybe brooke hogan is up for hanging out – who else would be a perfect fit for ashlee’s alliance? popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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