running up that hill – mashup!

good morning! i was thrilled when my pal DJ paul v. sent over the last mashup last night containing one of my favorite songs ever – kate bush‘s ‘runnning up that hill’ – which has been covered by placebo (i posted the video not that long ago) and now mashed up with a bit of kate along w/ pet shop boys! oh i could listen to this song over & over again – i think you’ll enjoy this one! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

Lord knows I loves me some 80’s music. Two of my fave artists from the era were Pet Shop Boys and Kate Bush – and there seems to be a little bit of a Kate Bush renaissance going on lately, with both Purple Crush and Placebo doing new versions of her amazing ‘Running Up That Hill.’ Here’s the Placebo version – with a bit of Kate herself – and DJ Magnet sweetening the pot with PSB’s ‘Love Comes Quickly’ in the mix. This is almost a little goth sounding yet absolutely swoon worthy for a hot summer night.

listen to DJ Magnet – Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly [.mp3 5.3mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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