All T, All Shade: Snatch Game

RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race

After the impossible ballet challenge last week, RuPaul decided to lob the queens the most entertaining of softballs: The Snatch Game! Yes, RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s most iconic mid-season challenge finally came last night, and while a few of the queens were chameleonic in their celebrity realness, others really weren’t fooling anyone.

Alaska – Top 3

We all knew that Alaska was going to excel in this challenge — out of all the queens, she’s and Jinkx Monsoon are the best at creating characters and improvising lines. — but her Lady Bunny really was spot on. Sure, this could have been a potential backfire, especially after Ivy played her last week, but once again, Alaska is smart enough to know what risks are worth taking and how to play them so that they pay off in the end. Also, the bass she brought out with her on the runway? Amazing.

Alyssa Edwards – Immunity

Whatever good will Alyssa built up last week went *insert fart noise here* this week, because holy hell was she ever crusty this week. If you’re going to try and get into it with everyone from Coco Montrese to Jinkx, you better have put on a strong performance to back you up. But this week? Nope. Alyssa’s Katy was beyond weak, it was hopelessly inept. And it didn’t help that even when Ru set her up for the easy punchline (“Have you ever kissed a girl?”) Alyssa completely blanked. You know things are bad when the Queen Mama actually makes you RuPaulogize to a celebrity for portraying her.

Coco Montrese – Safe

When the show first started, I adored Coco. But now? She and Alyssa can stop any time now. They can stop feuding and they can stop being on this show, because they’re becoming the heaviest of weights on this season. It doesn’t help either that Coco’s overall sense of humour is lacking severely, as evidenced by her Janet Jackson: Physically, she looked exactly like her. Personality-wise, there was absolutely nothing there. No humour, no interest, no nothing.

Detox – Bottom 2

I’ll give credit where credit is due: I still see Detox making it to the very end this season, but last night was a misstep. I appreciate that Detox doesn’t play it safe and likes to swing for the fences, but this week, she missed a little bit. Her Ke$ha impression was almost struck a blow, but it kinda just died young, especially when she peed on the floor. And while I loved her mainstage jellyfish look (I like the way Detox plays with silhouettes) I guess the judges weren’t feeling it. Oh well, at least she killed it in the lip synch.

Ivy Winters – Bottom 3

You know, I always get the feeling like Ivy is always so close to actually getting it, but then she just sorta peters out. Take for instance her Marilyn Monroe impression: She had the look down, and if she new more about her she could have done really well, but she just didn’t know anything about Marilyn. Nothing sums up Ivy’s position in this competition more than Ru lobbing her a softball political joke, only for it to sail right over Ivy’s head and into Jinkx’s more capable hands. Personally, I would have had Ivy in the bottom 2 instead of Detox, but I guess Ivy’s dress managed to salvage her in the eyes of the judges.

Jade Jolie – Safe

Surprisingly, Jade did pretty well this week. Jade might not be the most polished or seasoned out of the group, but she knew well enough to pick a celebrity (Taylor Swift) who had a personality and some easily imitable quirks. Out of all the queens, I feel like she was probably just below the Top 4 but couldn’t quite pull herself into the higher ranks.

Jinkx Monsoon – Winner

FINALLY! After three steady weeks of her gaining momentum, Jinkx finally earned herself a win this week thanks to her natural wit, grace and humour. Her Little Edie was fully realized, she knew how to interpret the character as a whole as well as how to fill it out with the minor details. And can I just say how sick I am of everyone ganging up on her for not being “glamazon” enough. I know this is the season of the fish, but last week, two of the fishiest queens went home for being boring, and this week, the uber fishy queens fell completely flat. Give me a Jinkx or an Alaska any day, and the rest of you can have your piddly little Vivienne Pinays.

Lineysha Sparx – Sashay Away

If Jinkx Monsoon’s win was the culmination of her upwards momentum, Lineysha’s elimination was the culmination of her stagnating acceleration. Lineysha came out of the gates swinging for the fences, but I just don’t think she was able to hold onto that speed. Lineysha burned out, and she burned out hard. Her Celia Cruz looked absolutely nothing like Celia Cruz, and her jokes didn’t fare much better. While Lineysha did a pretty decent job in the lip synch, I just don’t think she was a match for Detox’s mandible gymnastics.

Roxxxy Andrews – Top 3

After her rough showing last week, Roxxxy completely redeemed herself this week with her Tamar Braxton. For the record, I have no idea who Tamar Braxton is, but if you can create a good enough character, people will very rarely mind too much. The character she created was accessible, even if the exact celebrity she based it off of was pretty esoteric. All in all, I think Roxxxy reminded us all why she’s one to be reckoned with.

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