RuPaul’s Drag Race Week: 12 Queens Who Deserve a Shot at All-Stars!

RuPaul's Drag Race

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Week: 12 Queens Who Deserve a Shot at All-Stars!

I know there are some people out there who weren’t quite as fond of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars as I was, but you now what? I really liked the series. It was a nice little side-series that brought back a lot of fan favorites. Sure, the teams structure may not have been everyone’s favorite concept, but I liked seeing the queens interact with each other so closely, and it did give us the oh-so epic lipsync between Jujubee and Raven that, to this day, still leaves me sobbing like a teenager watching The Notebook. So yes, I dug the hell out of All-Stars, and if they ever do a season two, here are the queens who deserve a shot at the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

RuPaul's Drag Race

(Note: I didn’t include any season five queens because that season hasn’t aired yet, although I do have a couple favorites in my head already!)

Carmen Carrera

I know that most people kind of wrote off Carmen as a body-ody-ody queen, but I think if her performance in the Ru-Ha-Ha challenge proved anything, it’s that she has a sharper wit to her than she was really given credit for. And ever since she transitioned, she’s been one of Drag Race‘s biggest break-out stars.

Dida Ritz

How can Dida not be brought back for a second shot? She has a set of million dollar legs and some absolutely killer lipsync skills, and her personality was just sweet as pie. Just make sure she remembers to pack some hairspray to give her hair a little more lift, and she’ll be good to go.

Jade Sotomayor

One of the sadly over-looked queens of season one, Jade’s time on the show was way too brief, and I think she should get another chance to show America what she has to offer. I mean yes, she’s not the sharpest — remember when she asked for some dark foundation so that she could impersonate Oprah? — but she was a class-act through and through.

Jessica Wild

I’m so in love with Jessica Wild, it’s not even funny. I thought she was just hilarious, and her runway looks were always amazing. But best of all, she gave us this sublimely weird quote during the Country Queens challenge: “I am going to feel that I am a pollo so the chicken enter fierce.” I don’t know what that means, all I know is that I love it.

Jiggly Caliente

I’ve already discussed why I love Jiggly Caliente, so just to reiterate: Bitch can lipsync for her life like it’s nobody’s business. Gravity is still only considered a theory because every time Jiggly puts on high heels, she uses them to kick physics square in the balls.


She’s got mugz for days and legs for miles, and dammit, we need more of her! I think her wit was too dry for the judges to really comprehend, but the amount of talent she has cannot be denied. At the very least, bring her back for a reading challenge, because something tells me she can read a bitch for filth.

Morgan McMichaels

I was actually really surprised that Morgan didn’t make the cut for the first season of All-Stars, especially when you consider how beloved by fans she is and how prominent she is in SoCal’s drag community. And when you consider that Morgan’s drag mother, Chad Michaels, won the first All-Stars, maybe she’ll be following in her Mama’s footsteps.

Mystique Summers

As one of the most memorable queens of Drag Race, Mystique Summers has actually garnered a pretty committed Tumblr following. Seriously, go look her up, you’ll find tons of gifs and and pictures of Mystique plastered all over Tumblr. With Mystique on the show, All-Stars will officially become the most gif-able show on TV.


As one of Drag Race‘s first break-out stars and a huge fan favourite, Ongina was another queen whose absence on the first All-Stars came as something of a shock for long-time fans. Okay, granted, she showed up on the season finale to chauffeur around the final four and ogle man-candy, but next season, she needs to be competing for the crown.

Stacey Layne Matthews

I have made no effort to hide my endless love for all things Stacey Layne Matthews. To this day, she’s still one of my favorite queens to ever come out of the show, and as anyone who saw her performance on the Drag Race cruise can attest to, she’s got tons of talent and knows how to improvise a stellar show.

Victoria “Porkchop” Parker

The first queen to ever sashay away on Drag Race, Porkchop really is one of, if not the most over-looked queens in the show’s history. I just think that America never got to see everything she has to offer, and she deserves a second chance at redeeming herself.


One of the show’s most controversial queens, as well as one of its most successful alumni, while Willam didn’t get the chance to compete on All-Stars‘ initial run, she did get to play Kill-Boff-Marry with some of the queens during the Untucked. Hopefully during the next installment, she’ll actually be out on the mainstage instead of just the backroom.

Willam Belli

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