Russell Brand made Rihanna want to throw up, too!

Russell Brand and Rihanna

So either Rihanna has a really weak gag reflex or she just has very little tolerance for other celebrities, because she did an interview with Cleo magazine in which she revealed that when she first met Russell Brand, she thought he was an idiot and wanted to barf. Which may or may not have had something to do with the fact that she was already sick and probably would have blown chunks if she turned around too fast.

She said: “I first met him when he was interviewing me on TV. I was sick and it was the worst interview I’ve ever done. I was throwing up in a bucket and a doctor gave me a shot in my butt. Nothing was funny to me. I thought it was the most stupid f***ing interview I ever did in my f***ing life. Why am I talking to this idiot? He made me want to throw up again.” However, the 23-year-old beauty changed her mind about Russell when she met him the second time, admitting she was probably “a complete bitch” SOURCE

In all fairness, Russell is actually kind of annoying. And stupid. Think about it: Every day, the man wakes up, takes the curlers out of his hair, throws on a blouse that only buttons at his naval with some skinny ass jeans and about ten of those stupid bead necklaces and thought “Yeah, this looks great. I totally don’t look like a gay pirate at all. Time to go take a picture of my wife, Katy Perry, before she puts her makeup on because there’s no way that can backfire and cause her to withhold sex from me until my penis withers away like a skin tag that’s been tied off.”

Russell Brand and Rihanna

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