Russell Brand smashed someone’s phone

Russell Brand

Now that Katy Perry and Russell Brand have officially broken up, it’s starting to look like Katy has had the easier time moving on, since she now has a massive break up song out and he is going around pulling a Chris Brown on people. And by “Chris Brown”, I don’t mean “he’s beating women he claims to love to near death and then leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere”, so much as “he’s stealing the cell phones of anyone who photographs him and destroying them.” TMZ reports:

Sources tell TMZ .. a photog named Timothy Jackson filed the report, citing “criminal damages” over an incident that went down Monday night. Jackson told cops he was with a group of photogs … when he began to shoot Brand with his iPhone. Jackson claims Brand flipped out, wrestled the phone out of his hand … and then Nolan Ryan’d it at a nearby building, shattering a glass window. The pap immediately filed a police report. No word if he got his phone back. Calls to Brand’s rep have not been returned.

“No word if he got his phone back”? Seriously? Hate to break it to you, but if someone took your cell phone and threw it through a goddamn building, you’re sure as shit not getting your phone back. I dropped my iPhone, still in it’s protective war shell, from like three feet off the ground and the screen still managed to find a way to crack. God help you if you decide to see if it can withstand smashing through a window.

Russell Brand

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