Ryan Gosling is, unfortunately, not single

Ryan Gosling

Over the weekend, reports circulated that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes split up, prompting the entire web to try and place dibs on Ryan because we all have one giant collective boner for him. Eva? I mean she’s drop dead gorgeous, but still … not an web phenomenon. Sorry dear. Anyway, turns out they haven’t actually broken up yet, so looks like the great Ryan fight of 2012 is off, everyone. Us Weekly reports:

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail claimed that the lusted-after actor, 31, was mulling a breakup with girlfriend Eva Mendes –and took a top secret trip to Cape Town, South Africa, where he allegedly was spotted having a sexy dinner date with a sexy blonde German model. But a source close to the couple tells Us Weekly that Gosling and his Place Beyond the Pines costar, 38, are doing just fine; Mendes rep also slammed any split talk to the Daily Mail.

So sadly, you’re going to have to wait just a smidge longer before you can dig your claws into Ryan. Preferably, while he’s wearing his jacket from Drive and being all sexy cool and whatnot … sigh.

Ryan Gosling

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