sandra bullock hit ellen degeneres…

over the head with a glass bottle! (good evening btw!) well…actually it was just a prop that sandra bullock used to get back at funny lady ellen degeneres for smacking her on the head back in november – go ahead & watch the clip below! ms. bullock stopped by ellen’s show to promote her new thriller suspense film premonition (releasing this friday) with her oh so sexy co-star julian mcmahon!

the film looks (gosh i’ve seen lots of commercials running) fairly decent and spooky plus my dear julian up on the big screen is a treat anytime (i can’t wait until nip/tuck kicks up again (with rumored guest spots by madonna & nicole kidman) i need a ‘dr. troy’ fix bad!) special thanks to gary green for sending over the ellen goods – the ‘sandra bullock attacks’ show airs tomorrow afternoon (thursday) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


Since Sandra Bullock is known to do anything once, last November, Ellen dared her to eat a habanero pepper (the hottest chili pepper around) and she does. To add to the fire, Ellen then broke a bottle over Sandra’s head! Sandra Bullock returns to Ellen on Thursday to promote her new film, “Premonition” with co-star Julian McMahon and then drudges up the past. In this photo Ellen gives Sandra an opportunity she just couldn’t pass up — to break a bottle over Ellen’s head!

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