sarah jessica parker – cheated on?!?

good morning! oh we’ve got a brand new juicy rumor that’s seeming to come out of left field – the latest cover of STAR magazine is claiming that sarah jessica parker‘s hubby matthew broderick of eleven years was caught cheating on SJP with some skanky 25-year-old woman (supposedly there’s an eyewitness) i seriously hope this isn’t true – i’ve always thought they made a great couple and both seemed totally settled & stable with their relationship plus they’ve managed to keep themselves out of the drama circuit – until now! (quick sidenote: i did love the sexy and the city movie but i’m so bummed there’s a $equel in the works – leave well enough alone!) in other stories we’ve got michelle williams possibly striking up a romance with cutie director spike jonze and zac efron going from ‘scrawny to brawny’ in just five days – what’s up with that?!? i prefer zac’s smaller yet sleek guns! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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