Sarah Silverman should be an ambassador!

Sarah Silverman

I’m actually a huge Sarah Silverman fan, unlike certain other snobby filmcritics I know who think she’s just a crass comic. Although that may be due to the fact that my heart has yet to harden into a cold black lump and I still appreciate the simple joys of slipping an F-Bomb into a conversation. Anyhoo, during a meeting with President Obama, Sarah was so frazzled that she blurted out that she would be naked in her next movie!

“He shakes my hand, he goes, ‘Oooooo, I’m a big fan! You’re very talented! Although I turn the volume down when my girls come into the room,'” the star told Stern. So far, so good. Remembering the moment, Silverman told Stern, “I was so nervous and excited.” So how did she respond to Obama? “I’m going to be naked in a movie!” she blurted out. Cool as always, the President just said, “you’ll have to send me a copy” and quickly moved on. SOURCE

In all fairness, this is a great way to introduce yourself to world leaders. One time I ran into Stephen Harper and told him that if he Googled my name he could find a video of me performing unspeakable acts. Of course, this really has more to do with the fact that I hate Stephen Harper and nothing would destroy his delicate sensibilities like a little auto-fellatio.

Sarah Silverman

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