save sean preston (.org)

i knew someone would pull something like this! especially in light of britney‘s latest and very recent almost dropping the baby snafu – a website has been set-up to help ‘save’ sean preston called…do have a visit – cute idea! also check out the pictures below…britney slipped and sean preston almost had a tumble but he was saved by a guy walking next to her…phew! accidents can happen but as of late they seem to be flying fast & furious! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS and there is even more britney news…check out her updated website…she posts lyrics to a song called remembrance of who i am…pretty dark stuff for a pregnant lady…yikes! always good times with ms. spears!

When will the madness end? Britney has not even been cited, because there were no physical witnesses to the event. What gives? We at say we need to show our support for children everywhere by proclaiming our concern for Sean Preston — the new posterboy for child safety and protection!

Think of the future…save our Celebrity Children before it’s too late!


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