Scarlett treated RyRey badly!

It may be a little early, but I think it’s safe to say that Ryan Reynolds has won in his and his now ex-wife Scarlett Johansson‘s divorce. Rumours are circulating that Ryan was unhappy with the relationship and that he regularly talked about Scarlett neglecting him and treating him badly, while the only story about Scarlett has been that she was spotted screaming.

Us Weekly is reporting that an insider that worked with Reynolds on his upcoming film The Green Lantern, told them that Reynolds brought his marriage problems to the set, and was open about the troubles. The source said that Reynolds “would say that she treated him badly … It never seemed like she made him a priority.” Another source told Us that Reynolds is “beyond sad and depressed.” As for Johansson — she’s handling things differently. “She was disconnected and disaffected,” when it came to their divorce. “It was harsh.” SOURCE

Well, consider that she could barely show emotion when people paid her too, it’s really no surprise that she could barely show any at all when she broke up with her hubby. And I’m not just saying that because Ryan Reynolds has abs most fly, either … Okay, maybe a little.

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