scissor sisters & passions + me!

hey hey everyone! oh my – what a super fun day i had! i was invited down to see the scissor sisters tape an upcoming appearance (airing in february) on the NBC daytime soap passions! although i don’t watch the craziness that is conjured up in the fictional town of ‘harmony’ – y’all know i do love soaps especially days of our lives (unfortunately that show got stuck with guest musical appearance by clay aiken – ugh!) and you for sure know how much i totally adore the scissor sisters – so of course i took the day off and headed down to the studio this morning!

by the time i got there the band had been shooting for a few hours and already performed their new single land of a thousand words (watch the video) i arrived for the taping of i don’t feel like dancing (watch the video) the first single off their kick-ass sophomore album ta-dah! anyways i got to hang around right on set and watch the taping go down – i’ll say i would never have the patience to deal with working on a set daily – lots of waiting but it’s totally fun every once in a while to see how the ‘magic’ of TV is created! i don’t know much about the plot details of the soap but somehow they all land in harmony in the living room of witch ‘tabitha’ (actress juliet mills pictured at the bottom with the lovely ana matronic) by way of younger witch ‘endora’ – the band’s appearance won’t be airing until february sweeps on the 8th & 9th (no worries – i’ll make sure to remind you guys when the dates draw closer)

then towards the end of the day i was able to sit down with the band and ask a few questions (except cutie del marquis who ran off) i was shocked to find out they’re huge fans of the show and actually had been wanting to make an appearance for a quite some time – the show is sorta outlandish & way out there but so is the band! (in a totally good way) they were super friendly and obviously had a blast shooting the spot although all of them must have been totally wiped by the end! yet they’re totally ready to make another appearance…jake mused they’d like to be the official band for passions!

don’t forget i interviewed lead singer jake shears via phone a few months ago – so it was great to touch base with him again and meet the cuteness in person! he’s beyond adorable – so sweet and very sincere! he confirmed the next single off the album will be she’s my man and he promised me there’d be a few more singles released from ta-dah! the band just finished a tour which ended over in the UK on nov 26th at the wembley arena and my dear lily allen opened for jake & co. on their last three shows – the gang had a great time with ms. allen and will soon be jumping back on tour heading first to japan! (drummer paddy boom also wants to hit south america and ana is dying to play south africa where she was once an exchange student)

i also had to ask if they are fans of amy winehouse (right now i’m beyond obsessed) and darling ana matronic immediately told me she loved her and might be catching her when they’re both scheduled to attend an event over in the UK…ana said she’d love to sit down and have a drink with her! finally thanks to a special friend of mine i brought the band a small present – a really nice bottle of cattier champagne that comes encased in this really nice black velvet box – it so reminded me of the band and i thought they’d like it and i was right – ana told me they’d be putting it on ice when they got back to the hotel and then jake mentioned if i ever wanted to pick their brains again or had some more questions to be in touch! although i still love my mr. shears – i think i have a new band crush on babydaddy – he has the most gorgeous light blue eyes and such a nice warm feeling about him! oh he could be my daddy anytime – ha! many special thanks to ms. samantha and the gang over at filter (oh yes good music will prevail!) who were able to hook me up today! rock & blog on – i’m over & out for tonight…xxoo!

PS i feel so guilty for only posting twice today but this post along with my indigo girls interview are both now two of my top personal faves! stay tuned though – i have some fun posts in the works for tomorrow…

in this two-episode arc, young witch endora (nicole cox), a big fan of scissor sisters, conjures them up in tabitha’s (juliet mills) living room. the band, extremely disoriented, plays their first song and then suddenly disappears into thin air, leaving endora wanting more. after endora is put to bed, she decides she wants an encore. this time she makes them appear at the hottest club in harmony, the blue note, where she is dressed as a scissor sister groupie. realizing they are no longer at their concert, the band is once again confused, but decide to keep on playing for the excited crowd.


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