screw john o’hurley

gosh so i just read over at reality TV magazine that on tonight’s ‘dance-off’ special of the summer smash show dancing with the starsjohn o’hurley actually captured the title away from our darling kelly monaco (sexy and below) & her hot partner alec mazo who won the first time around – i am so bummed – first because it was a dumb show to begin with that i did end up enjoying but leave well enough alone – a fucking dance-off my ass – it was over – said and done and someone has to cry ‘dance-off…dance-off’ like a fucking sore loser baby – i am so sorry for kelly who apparently appeared bitter tonight – i would be bitter too – ok let’s lay this to rest – and in my eyes kelly monaco won fair and square – so screw ABC, john o’hurley & his dumb partner charlotta – gosh who would have thought i would have gotten so fired up over this – but fuck come on! seriously – what a load of crap – dance off a cliff – to our dear kelly – popbytes sends love! i am so over and out while fuming over something so stupid!

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