see you again – miley cyrus remixed

good morning! oh yes i’m just as shocked as you might be that i’m posting about miley cyrus but like i mentioned a few weeks ago (while i was live blogging the oscars) there was this song i kept hearing on the radio called see you again and i had no clue who sang the track…after catching it a few times i was determined to discover who was responsible for it! i was in complete shock when i realized it was a actually a tune from ms. cyrus (at first i thought i must be mistaken but i wasn’t) off her latest double disc album hannah montana 2: meet miley cyrus i don’t have anything against the girl yet her larger than life tween following and disney dynasty didn’t exactly spur me on to dig deeper but i must admit to really digging the ‘teen pop’ song and i just found a fairly decent remix last night that i thought would be perfect to feature as this week’s ‘monday .mp3’ – it’s a total guilty pleasure and i’m imploring you to give the track a listen – i promise not to tell anyone! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo! (while listening you can almost forget that miley sings the track yet she mentions herself by name…along with her ‘best friend’ lesley)

» listen to miley cyrus’ see you again (johnny coppola’s dance you again remix) (.mp3 5.7mb)

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