Seriously Barbara Walters? Seriously?

So 2010 is coming to an end, and Barbara Walters is capping it off by getting together her annual list of the most fascinating people of the year. And this year, Barbara Walters decided that a group of syph-ridden roid-ragers and whores dipped in Orange Fanta are fascinating.

Barbara Walters has announced her annual list of the year’s 10 most fascinating people. On her list: Sandra Bullock, LeBron James, Sarah Palin, new American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton and the entire cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore. SOURCE

Is it just me, or is Barbara’s standards for ‘fascinating’ steadily declining? Seriously, she thinks a washed-up singer and a governor-turned-famewhore are fascinating? How about this: This morning, my alarm went off, and then I turned it off, and then I went back to bed for another half-an-hour. That story alone was more interesting than both of those people combined.

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