Seriously Lindsay Lohan? Seriously?

Alright, so Lindsay Lohan is nearing the end of her vacation stay in rehab, which means now is the perfect time for her to start bitching and moaning about their services. Specifically, the fact that she had to pay for security that regularly showed up late.

Lindsay Lohan was paying an extra $500 PER DAY for additional security at Betty Ford — but we’re told LiLo felt totally ripped off because her protectors were habitually showing up to work super late. Sources close to LiLo tell us her security detail was supposed to work from 6:00 AM until about 7:00 PM. But we’re told they weren’t punching in until about 4:00 PM … and Lindsay was getting upset. SOURCE

Yes, because clearly if there is anyone who knows a thing or two about being late, it’s the woman who’s late to photo shoots, filming and court dates. Hell, this is a woman who missed out on being a paid date to a film festival after missing her plane because she was too busy buying shit in the airport mall. And she’s complaining about her security being late? Please. That would be like Mel Gibson complaining about his security team having a temper.

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