gosh i cant deal – only THREE episodes left – whats a girl to do? but then i picked up my new ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – and it had a bit on the 4th season of the incredibly beyond belief amazing SIX FEET UNDER – i cannot wait to catch up with fischer family – and mom just off her WELL DESERVED golden globe award! ok back to my nyc gals – part of me is just like FUCK YOU FOR STOPPING THIS SHOW – but i so understand – and we dont want to see this show really bad – but it all feels so rushed – i just want carrie to remain SINGLE – and leave her in my mind at least the eternal NYC gal – god bless miranda for moving to brooklyn – thats where did my last stint in NY – (brooklyn HEIGHTS that is) – and charlotte – i love elizabeth taylor in all her adorable doggie glory! oh and ms. samantha – go you with yr sex tape scandal – and even better getting to fuck that gorgeous smith – yr a trooper and i know your gonna beat it!

okay as i breezed thru EW – FIONA APPLE’S third cd EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE is due – a dudes this chick so rocks – and i was present for her insane girl meltdown at the roseland ballroom (she did make up for it at an insanely incredible show at the beacon) – the meltdown was so perfect – the angst – it was amongst one omy best shows ever – only topped by the perfect HOLE (courtney love) show – and anyone who has never listened to fiona’s second cd – WHEN THE PAWN… – go get it – this cd is hands down an incredible cd – go fiona!!

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