sharon osbourne should shut the hell up

oh good morning boys & girls – it’s friday thank heavens! so the whole madonna baby adoption – i finally was able to catch her appearance on oprah the other day and i thought she came across great (and looked awesome) she explained the situation which has been so dragged through the press that i couldn’t make heads or tails of it but after hearing madge tell her side of the story – i totally support her decision to adopt (not that she needs my approval) and i think she is trying to do a very good thing – that more people should consider doing even though adoption laws are a total mess and are almost a deterrent to families wanting to adopt…and then we’ve got sharon osbourne adding her two cents on the whole ordeal when she appeared on howard stern‘s radio show! now normally i like ms. osbourne but after reading what she said below (her comments are so insensitive & way uncalled for) i would like to say to her…sharon – shut the fuck up! who cares what that dummy thinks! her daughter kelly is probably all embarassed ‘mom why’d you have to go and say those things about madonna?’ ugh sharon is so lame and is totally pissing me off today! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

what she told ‘shock jock’ howard stern

please give me a break, it is like getting a louis vuitton handbag.

it is a crock of shit. if she wants to help the kid she should have got the father a little trade going, a fruit stand or something like that and built him a mud hut.

if the kid is sick then get him a doctor, what was the father supposed to do, he can’t read or write.

she should have left him in his own culture, that is what i say.

madonna should have given the money to an orphanage, got them a 24-hour paramedic.

she bought a baby for god’s sake.

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