sharon stone does martha stewart

hey kids – check out the pic below of martha stewart on her daytime show with guest sharon stone – i guess now that BI2 bombed – we can expect sharon to be more ‘domestic’…if that is even a word you could ever apply to her? but damn with her hair pulled back like that so darned tight – she is looking like an alien – which below is how she claims she feels…oh good times with our wacky sharon! rock on people – check you all laters – popbytes over & out…xxoo!

Audience Member: My friends and I were wondering how you stay in such great shape?

Sharon Stone: I get asked this so much, I feel like an alien. First of all, you don’t eat cake like this all the time…It’s a balance kind of a thing. You have a maximum limit of weight you let yourself gain and once you do, you knock it off.

Martha Stewart: Do you weigh yourself everyday?

Sharon Stone: I don’t ever weigh myself. I just know from my pants and how they fit. Like I have the favorite pair of jeans, I have the skinny jeans and the fat jeans – but when the fat jeans get tight, it’s over!

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