Shauna Sand arrested for macing her hubby!

Shauna Sand

First off, can someone please explain to me who or what in the sweet baby Jesus is a Shauna Sand? I’ve been racking my brain for hours trying to figure it out, and the closest approximation I can come up with is that she’s basically Heidi Montag give or take ten years. Does that sound right? Anyway, it turns out useless, famous, blonde whore #856 was arrested after a heated argument with her boytoy husband last night after she sprayed him in the face with mace, which I’m guessing is a totally level-headed way to settle a marital dispute in Hollywood.

Sources connected to the incident tell us … 39-year-old Shauna and her 25-year-old husband Laurent Homburger got into a pretty heated argument after Shauna told Laurent she wants a divorce. We’re told the argument escalated and Shauna locked herself in the bedroom — but according to our sources, Laurent kicked in the door … and that’s when Shauna let the pepper spray rip. As TMZ first reported, cops were eventually called to the scene and both Shauna and Laurent were arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. SOURCE

Winners the both of them, huh? You’ve got to love that people think two dudes marrying will destroy the sanctity of marriage, but letting a pile of silicone topped with a blonde wig marry a money grubbing boytoy, only to blast him in the face with pepper spray, is totally legit. Just for shits and giggles, I went ahead and looked up that part in the imaginary fake bible these people apparently read.

“And lo, The LORD said to the prophet Larry The Cable Guy, ‘If a man should lie with another man in holy matrimony, that don’t sit right with me. But if a blow-up doll marries a drug addict and then chemically assaults him, I shall shower the roads of NASCAR with Gatorade and Cheetos.'”

Shauna Sand

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