sheryl crow says ‘god bless this mess’

hey hey! there’s another new sheryl crow video out – it’s the first track off her new album detours (in stores today – make sure to pick up your copy) called god bless this mess which is highly political & thought provoking (the lyrics are posted below) it’s a perfect song to kick off super tuesday – make sure to go vote today – it’s time for a change – wave goodbye republicans! (go hillary clinton!) popbytes over & out for now – much love to all as always – xxoo!

daddy’s in the hallway

hanging pictures on the wall

mama’s in the kitchen

making casseroles for all

my brother came home yesterday

from somewhere far away

he doesn’t look like i remember

he just stares off into space

he must’ve seen some ugly things

he just cannot seem to say

god bless this mess

god bless this mess

got a job in town

selling insurance on the phone

with robert and teresa

and two con men from back home

everyone i call up doesn’t have the time to chat

everybody is so busy doing this and doing that

something has gone missing

and it makes me kinda sad, oh

god bless this mess

god bless this mess

god bless this mess

heard about the day

that two skyscrapers came down

firemen, policemen

and people came from all around

the smoke covered the city

and the body count did rise

the president spoke words of comfort

with tears in his eyes

then he led us as a nation

into a war all based on lies, oh

god bless this mess

god bless this mess

god bless this mess

god bless this mess

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