Sinéad O’Connor has ‘8 Good Reasons’ (maybe 9 now)

Sinéad O'Connor

Sinéad O'Connor

I’ve loved Sinéad O’Connor for years and her tenth studio album, I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss (released on Nettwerk), is definitely one of 2014’s best! Catch her just released music video for “8 Good Reasons,” one of the album’s best tracks as Sinéad gets quite candid in the lyrics. Having been raised Catholic–I get everything that Sinéad has been so vocal about over the year–her brave performance on SNL in 1992 remains legendary–#FightTheRealEnemy! Watching her ride at the back of a bus while wearing a priest collar (purposely picked over a nun habit) was so visually striking and immediately sent me into deep thought over religion and Sinéad’s career–now in its third decade.

Obviously, I can’t speak for Sinéad but as for myself, I do see a shift in attiude (the new pope? way better than the last one!) and try to hold onto hope for the future (like having women allowed to be priests–color me crazy), however we need the past as an important reminder of the progress we’ve made. Although confirmed, I don’t consider myself Catholic anymore yet in a strange way I care about what happens to the church. Although the steps are small–they’re heading in the right direction.

Oh my word–it’s getting way late–I could go on but I won’t! Main thing is to watch Sinéad’s new video–when it comes to musicians who speak to me–Sinéad is without a doubt one of those people–♥♥♥.

Sinéad O’Connor
“8 Good Reasons” from the album I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss
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Music Video Directed by James Lees

Sinéad O'Connor

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