singles ladies (in mayberry)

good morning! i’m seriously loving the latest mashup selection from my pal DJ paul v. – he’s featuring a brand new mashup from party ben that takes beyonce‘s ‘single ladies’ and mashes it together with the theme from the andy griffith show – yes, that might sound a little bizarre but it totally works – have a listen for yourself below – i’m going to be whistling this tune all day long! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

I was just about to make this be the first week to do a Christmas-themed mashup. Then I got a load of what I chose instead, and, well – it had to be done. Plus, you probably haven’t even digested that last drumstick from Thanksgiving – so we’ll start the holiday mashes next week. Plus, when Party Ben drops something new, how can we say no? So use your imagination for a minute: Envision Justin Timberlake dancing in a skin-tight black leotard and pumps as Beyonce starts rubbin’ her silky thighs all over Don Knotts, which makes Andy Griffith whistle a happy tune. Put a ring on that, baby!

Listen to Party Ben – Single Ladies (In Mayberry) [.mp3 5.2mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

The Smash Mix | Indie 103.1FM | Bootie LA | Dragstrip 66

PS to my LA peeps: Speaking of holiday-themed mashups, yule wanna come shake your mistletoes at Bootie LA this Saturday, December 6th at The Echoplex. Wear a Santa hat and get a free ‘A Very Bootie Christmas’ CD compilation! I’ll be DJing along with A+D, and our special guest DJs from Chicago, The Hood Internet.