hey all – they dont make em like they used to – hands down the best sitcom *EVER* is the amazing – and still fresh and important today – ALL IN THE FAMILY – bless carroll o’connor and archie bunker – and the smartest lady in TV history – EDITH BUNKER – she appears not so smart – but trust me edith knew what was up – and this show dealt with issues ranging from homosexuality – the vietnam war – race relations – and anything else controversial at the time – folks this show aired in the early 70’s – can anyone name an ‘important’ ground-breaking sitcom that airs today – NO you can’t – you just cant – fuck FRIENDS – although i am feeling all nostalgic right with the ‘final’ episodes airing – but this show is shit compared to ALL IN THE FAMILY – another good one – is KATE AND ALLIE – until allie got married to bob barksy and moved uptown – shit uptown sucks in NYC – trust me – anyway i rarely catch sitcoms – or even have a mild desire to see ’em – but HOPE & FAITH is fairly decent – saved by the comedic talents of the ever talented FAITH FORD – remember corky from MURPHY BROWN? actually that was a great sitcom as well – candice rules – and KELLY RIPA – who i just adore altho the poor dear is slightly in the overexpose mode – but her husbands hot as hell – and she has money to burn – so fuck em – gosh!

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