six degrees – um not so good

did anyone else watch the series premiere of six degrees tonight over on ABC? i was looking forward to it (i know i shouldn’t have been) the teasers were mildly interesting and everyone likes the whole idea of chance/fate and being only a few degrees aways from each other (kevin bacon and all that jazz) plus it had jj abrams‘ (lost, alias, MI3) name attached as executive producer – i don’t know how much input was actually his – i’m betting not much – it was a terrible bore! the show felt awfully forced and was super cheesy plus it threw off this whole new age cosmic we’re all connected vibe that was making me yawn (even gag a little) and roll my eyes…i had a sinking feeling this would be a clunker and i was so right!

normally shows only get one chance to grab my attention but i may tune in next week to see if it picks up but for a series premiere – it way missed the mark – i doubt it will last for more than a few episodes! ok now for sure ABC needs to calm down with numbers in titles of new shows (the one, one ocean view, and now six degrees) it’s obviously just not working out…check out a more in-depth review/slam over on usa today – popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS i hope you’ve all seen the brilliant 1993 film adaptation of john guare‘s award-winning play six degrees of separation – it’s a great – one of my favorites! stockard channing delivers one of her best performances ever and will smith is quite decent too – see it if you haven’t!

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