six feet under 5th & final season

oh my beloved six feet under is coming to an end with this 5th and final season – which premieres this monday night! (remember those lazy sundays when HBO was on fire aka fuego?) at least mondays are looking good for a bit – funny thing with this show though – i loved and so adored the first two seasons – and then 3rd & 4th seasons were quite lackluster (i really love lili taylor but when her character ‘lisa’ appeared – in my mind it marked the series downfall) – but still enjoyable! i think HBO knows this show will go out with a whimper rather than a bang (and there has been little promotion for it unlike ‘entourage’ – as a friend mentioned – the show never really quite peaked – it just kinda leveled out – but of course i’m gonna continue to watch the trials and tribulations of those lovable funeral home family members aka the fischers – the acting is super superb – just give us some better stories! it’s always – and i mean always in the writing – this goes for all shows…oh i’m sad six feet under coming to an end – but for those of you who are addicted like me to this show – i’m sure we will savor & enjoy this last season…popbytes out for now! and gosh can i just add that i LOVE joanna cassidy (brenda’s wacky mom) and ‘brenda’ herself – the amazing aussie actress ms. rachel griffiths – and yes peter krause who plays ‘nate’ is so freakin’ hot! yes his character is super boring but HOT! ok i’m really out! mk xxoo

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