six feet under – oh nate?!?

ok for those of you who all saw six feet under last sunday – we have all been left hanging (oh charlene!) as our dear tortured nate suffered a heart attack and fell to the floor – i jumped out of my seat (sidenote: i wish he hadn’t slept with quaker maggie – it felt icky) – so i was desperately seeking a preview for the next episode – there was none – and now over at HBO – there is no mention of nate’s status at all – my bet is that he will indeed die, passing on to join the ghost of his father – i love this show but it has such a depressive and sad quality to it all and i don’t see it lifting before the series finishes it’s 5th & final season – there is only 3 episodes left after tomorrow night so stay tuned – anyways it’s hot hot hot here in hollywood – as i’m sure it probably is where you are too – so stay cool kids! popbytes out for now! xxoo

David and Keith get comfortable with their new family life; Claire is shocked to discover she and Ted share a passion for politics and Ruth finds empowerment in the woods.

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