So the BET Awards were last night …

BET Awards

Yay! Another music awards show. What’s this? Like, the fifth one in the past month? Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway, the BET Awards were last night, and I wish I could say this was an exception and for once a summer music awards show actually rewarded talented singers and artists. I said I WISH. Chris Brown actually ended up taking home the most awards for the night, because apparently voters like mediocre singers who make albums where they remain unapologetic about smashing a woman’s face in a car door.

Harvey and LaBelle were among dozens of artists recognized at the BET Awards, which were presented at the Shrine Auditorium. The night’s leading nominee, Chris Brown, collected four awards in all. The 21-year-old singer won a pair of prizes early in the show and two fan-voted awards at the end of the ceremony. Brown was named best male R&B artist and won best collaboration for his song Look At Me Now with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. Brown accepted the collaboration award after performing a medley that including the winning track. SOURCE

Sooooo … yeah, an entire room full of talented people and they give it to the wife beater with the squeaky voice? Yeah, that sounds right. Also, at one point a fan award was initially given to Chris Brown, then to Rihanna, and then finally to Drake before (according to TMZ) someone said “Fuck it, Chris Brown wins,” and everyone else said “Sure, why not?” Man, isn’t it just like Chris Brown to beat Rihanna and get rewarded for it? Good times, good times.

BET Awards

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