Some Miley Cyrus fans want her to cancel her tour?

Miley Cyrus / Bangerz Tour

Miley Cyrus / Bangerz Tour

Ever since her big twerky, tongue-waggy, cultural appropriation VMA performance, Miley Cyrus has been in the weird position of outgrowing her teen image while still retaining all her teen fans. Surprisingly, this went over about as well as you’d expect. And by that I mean a bunch of her younger fans and their parents are getting pissed off and demanding that she cancel her Bangerz tour.

In fact, parents and disgruntled fans are so upset with Cyrus’ antics that they want the entire Bangerz tour to be shut down. MusicFix reports that Cyrus’ management team has been inundated with complaints about the performance, saying that it is just too racy and inappropriate for young fans. The show doesn’t have a rating of any kind, so children of all ages can see it if they are accompanied by a parent. We send our regrets to any preteens who have had to watch Miley straddle a flying hot dog, stuff a thong in her mouth and simulate oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator while accompanied by mom and dad. SOURCE

Personally, I’d have her cancel it because she used a Z for pluralization rather than the appropriate S. Seriously, you write like a 50-year-old marketing exec trying to sell cheese puffs to stoner teenagers. THAT’S NOT GOOD ENGLISH, MILEY. But demanding she cancel her show because she’s grown up and trying new things? Oh zip it. Don’t make everyone else remain in a state of arrested development because your kids aren’t grown up yet. Send them someone else’s show if you’re so bloody worried.


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