Someone is selling fake pics of Kim Kardashian’s baby

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Pictures of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s baby girl North West haven’t made it to the media yet, presumably because the bitch is waiting for the check to cash before she gives anyone the go-ahead, so in the interrim we have to circulate a bunch of dumbass stories tangentially related to it.

Anyway, turns out Kim was convinced one of her associates was leaking info to the press, so she sent out a bunch of fake baby pictures, and shockingly, someone tried to sell them to TMZ. “Yes, my name is NotKris Jenner. Yes, NotKris is one word. You know what? It’d be easier if you made it out to cash.”

So here’s what we’re being told. Kim felt people in her world were going to hawk baby photos, so she wanted to catch the culprits quickly. We’re told Kim hatched a plan and sent a half-dozen of her “friends” pictures of a baby she claimed was North West — but we’re told it was an impostor infant.

Sure enough … someone came along and tried selling us this pic (above). Gotta say … it looks like it could be Kim and Kanye’s baby. It has the right … well, you know … but Kim would obviously pick a pic of an impostor baby that had the qualities of her own child. Our K & K sources have seen the pic and claim it’s not the real deal.

Some would see this as a way for Kim to try and keep her baby private, but let’s be real here: chances are, Kim is just waiting for the right deal to come along and she doesn’t want to be undercut along the way. She’s probably just trying to keep others off her turf. “You think you can come into my house and disrespect me by trying to out-famewhore me? No dice. SICK ‘EM, KHLOE!”

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