Speidi isn’t selling that sex tape anymore

Well, looks like after Vivid Video called them on their bluff, Heidi Montag and Flesh-Coloured Pedo-Beard have backed away from selling the sex tape that never existed … Oh, wait, I’m sorry, it says here that Heidi ‘pulled the kill switch’ on it, which she could have done weeks ago if it weren’t for the fact that she’s a complete famewhore and a colossal fucking dumb ass.

Sources close to the couple tell us [Name Redacted]’s rep shot a letter to Hirsch explaining, “Heidi’s made it very clear that she is not interested in releasing any tapes” … adding, “It looks like she pulled the kill switch.” The letter also explains, “[Name Redacted]’s not interested in further destroying their relationship by pursuing an avenue she’s so vehemently against.” [Name Redacted]’s rep also told Hirsch that [You Know Who] “thought $5 million would be enough to convince her, but now [Heidi] is saying she’ll bring out the legal team if he persists.” SOURCE

At this point, it’s almost not even worth it to comment on this, so I’ll just say this: Pedo-Beard is a dickless little bag of ass and would he please just fuck off back to whatever circle of hell he came from? If I remember my reading of Dante‘s Inferno, I’m pretty sure “Creepy, loud-mouthed assholes who look like pedophiles” is one of them, right?

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