Spencer Pratt: Banned from another reality show!

Spencer Pratt

It takes a lot of work to be such an annoying famewhore that you get kicked off the set of a reality television show made of nothing but famewhores, but Spencer Pratt has found a way: He’s been banned from the set of his franken-whore wife Heidi Montag‘s new TV show by the producers, presumably after realizing he was Spencer and no one wants to be around him for fear of people thinking they’re associated with a child molestor.

Sources connected with the restaurant-themed VH1 reality show tell TMZ, Spencer’s been banned from the set since day one — and Heidi herself AGREED to the injunction. We’re told producers were adamant … Spencer wasn’t allowed on the set, near the set, or to be involved in any way whatsoever — and not wanting bad blood  … Heidi agreed to keep her man at bay. SOURCE

Seriously people: it is THAT easy. You can just BAN Spencer from going places! Which is why I hereby ban Spencer from the planet. In order to help him ease into his new home, I even set up a cannon that would launch him directly into the sun. I hear it’s lovely there this time of year as long as you wear the proper sunscreen and a hat!

Spencer Pratt

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