Spencer wants to be Charlie’s publicist!

Spencer Pratt and Charlie Sheen

Guess back-alley handies don’t pay like they used to, huh? Anyway, because there was never a burning, sinking ship careening into destruction that Spencer Pratt wouldn’t put his name on, pedo-beard decided that he would love to be Charlie Sheen‘s new PR guy after Sheen’s old publicist Stan Rosenfield quit after realizing he was trying to convince the world to like Charlie.

Spencer tells TMZ, he’s so serious he’ll even work for nothing — claiming, “I want to be Charlie Sheen’s new publicist … I am offering to be his media point man and that I have great contacts with media outlets and will work for free just to be part of his ‘WINNING TEAM’.” SOURCE

Fuck it, these two assholes deserve each other. Not that they could do anything for one another, it’s more like they’ll probably end up killing each other. Spencer can’t even convince people that he’s likable, so trying to tell the world that the man who believes that snorting coke gives him magical fire fists capable of shooting pure WIN is a wholesome family man? Good luck. If you need anyone to kick the chair out from under you, give me a call.

Spencer Pratt and Charlie Sheen

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